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What Are The Benefits of Choosing a Cattery Over a Cat Sitter?

The hallway of our skerries cattery

If you have a pet cat, you’ll be farmiliar with how these little furry creatures can steal your heart and become an important and valued part of the family. Whether you have a lovable moggy or fancy full-bred, cats bring love, joy, and happiness to any home that they enter. Unfortunately, if you’re going away to travel, venturing off on holidays, or are between house moves, it can be impossible to have your cat with you. Luckily, during these times there are a plethora of options available in Dublin about who can mind your cat for you. For many cat owners, a massive question when choosing who to mind your pet is often “should I choose a cattery or cat sitter to mind my cat?”


When it comes to your cat, welfare is everything. For cat owners across Ireland, ensuring that their pet is happy, healthy, and well looked after while they are away from home is of utmost importance. While cat sitters can often be fantastic minders, the cat sitting industry is very seldom regulated, and in unfortunate cases, you can end up hiring a sitter who will not care for your cat properly. In opposition, a cattery is a regulated, safe, and secure premesis with experienced professionals who are dedicated to caring for your cat properly and keeping him/her happy, healthy, and comfortable throughout their stay.


Irish Rosettes Pet Store is a family-run business with a modern, state of the art cattery on site to ensure that your cats are safe, happy, and healthy while you’re away. Our 7x4x8 ft cattery chalets are spacious and comfortable, equipped with scratching posts, toys, and elevated sleeping areas to ensure that your cat is calm and comfortable in their “home away from home”. We can provide all bedding and soft comforts to cats that stay in our cattery, while also encouraging you to bring your own, ensuring that your pet is as comfortable and happy as possible with us. We have cared for hundreds of cats over the years, guaranteeing professional, caring, and attentive care to give you peace of mind that your beloved pet is safe and happy with us while you’re away.


From our location in Lusk, Dublin, we find that our Dublin cattery service is convenient and accesible for most customers in Dublin and the surrounding areas. Most of our customers come to us from the Lusk surrounding area, availing of:

Donabate Cattery Services

Lusk Cattery Services

Skerries Cattery Services

Swords Cattery Services

Rush Cattery Services

Malahide Cattery Services

Balbriggan Cattery Services


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