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Celtic Cats and their habits

Celtic cats

In Ireland, cats are beloved pets, and their ownership has been steadily increasing over the years. According to recent statistics, around 49% of Irish households own a cat, making them one of the most popular pets in the country.

The charm and companionship offered by cats have made them an integral part of the typical Irish household; however, cats are an integral part of Ireland, as they hold a special place in Celtic traditions, symbolising various aspects such as mystery, wisdom, and protection. Ancient Celtic folklore often portrays cats as magical creatures with supernatural powers. Back in the day, cats were believed to bring good fortune and protect homes from evil spirits, and many folks still hold the cat in high regard for these reasons.


Every cat is completely different, which is why you need to look for a cattery that offers comfortable and clean accommodations, a dedicated staff that provides proper care and attention, and a secure environment to ensure your cat's safety. At Rosettes Pet Store, our cattery Dublin meets all these requirements; as we have loads of space, plenty of lasers, lights, and toys to chase, plenty of boxes and containers to have a nice snooze (it seems the more awkwardly shaped, the better) and lots of scratching posts for those sharp claws to go town on.

As cats are notoriously fussy eaters, we advise for you to bring your cats usual food with you after dropping them off to our cattery Dublin, but in case you forget or something happens, don’t worry! We stock premium cat food from the highest quality brands that will satisfy even the most particular of palettes.

So, if you’re heading away and need a reputable cat sitter in Dublin, get in touch with Rosettes Pet store and Cattery – we’ll treat your cat like one of our own!


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