Kennels: Your Questions Answered

As one of Ireland's best pet shops and kennels, we know how much our customers love their dogs. Of course, as much as we want our furry friends to share our lives, sometimes they will need to spend a few days in a kennel. A joke around the office is that this separation causes more anxiety to the owner than it does to the pouch. This anxiety breeds questions, which our customer service team is more than happy to answer.

To make this information more accessible and hopefully save dog owners a few sleepless nights, we have compiled the most common enquires into the below blog.


Will my dog be nervous in your kennel?




It's hard to say whether your dog will be nervous in our kennel without knowing more about your dog's personality and past experiences.


Some dogs may feel anxious or stressed when placed in a kennel, especially if they have not been kenneled before or had negative experiences. Other dogs may be more comfortable in a kennel environment and may even see it as a safe and cosy space.


To help ease your dog's transition into a kennel, we recommend bringing your dog to our kennel so they can sniff around and help familiarise themselves with the kennel surroundings. Our kennel is staffed by experienced caregivers who are trained in dog behaviour. We make every effort to make your dog feel safe, secure and happy. Many dog owners regularly use us and report how happy their dogs are in our facility.


How much space will my dog have in your kennel?




In Ireland, the legal space requirement for individual kennels depends on the dog's size. According to the Dog Breeding Establishment Act 2010, the minimum floor area for an individual kennel is:


  • 6 square meters for dogs weighing 30kg or more
  • 4 square meters for dogs weighing between 20-30kg
  • 3 square meters for dogs weighing between 10-20kg
  • 2 square meters for dogs weighing less than 10kg


At Irish Rosette Kennels, we offer much more space than these minimums. Your dog has a private kennel and access to a large grassy area to ensure they get all the necessary exercise.


Does my dog need to be vaccinated for kennel cough?




Yes, a kennel cough vaccine is required before staying in our boarding facility. Kennel cough is a highly contagious respiratory disease that can spread quickly in kennel or boarding environments where dogs are close to one another.


Do you provide food in your Kennel




Yes, we provide a comprehensive range of food that suits all dog's dietary requirements. Our doggy kitchen serves high-quality hypoallergenic dog food that is wheat and gluten-free. We serve grain-free, high-meat-content food for dogs with particular food sensitivities, which is included in the overall kennel price.


If you still have questions regarding our Donabate Kennels, please call us directly today. Our customer service team will be more than happy to answer all your questions.


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